Tot Sports (ages 5 and under)

Tot Sports (ages 5 and under)

YMCA Tot Sports Programming is designed for kids under the age of five years, who are new to sports and teaches basic skill development in various sports including soccer, basketball, and tee-ball.

Players are introduced to sports through drills, gym games and team play. We aim to build confidence and enhance motor skills in our youngest athletes.

Tots' Sports Sampler

Sinking Spring
9/10/22 - 10/15/22

The Sinking Spring YMCA is happy to announce the launch of the 2022 Summer Sports for Tots program. Throughout the six week program our starter athletes will be introduced to T-ball, soccer, and basketball. Helping children, socialize, stay active, and possibly find a new passion. Join us for our sports introduction program, “Sports for Tots”.

WHEN: 09/10/2022

  • Once a week on SATURDAYS
    • Group One: 10:00 am to 11:00 am


  • Youth Gymnasium


  • All participants must be 3 YEARS-OLD AND UP.
  • They must also be COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED
  • Age Range: 3 to 5
  • Time: 10:00 am to 11:00 am


  • WEEK ONE: Play Ball!
    • During this weeks session we will learn the basics of T-ball. Learning how to hold and swing a ball, catch and throw a ball, and run the bases.
  • WEEK TWO: Take me out to the ball game!
    • Week two is an extension of week one. Helping our starter athletes gain a better understanding of t-ball.
  • WEEK THREE: Born to Kick Balls!
    • Soccer is the name of the game! During this week our starter athletes will learn how to dribble, pass, and stop the ball. They will also be given a brief explanation of how to play the game.
    • The second session of soccer, the group will touch on dribbling, passing, throwing the ball back in, and shooting at the goal. Our starter athletes are encourage to take their best shot!
  • WEEK FIVE: Dribble, dribble, dribble
    • Practice, practice, practice. Week five focuses on the great game of basketball. We will practice our dribbling, passing, and shooting. We will also explain the basic rules of basketball.
  • WEEK SIX: Nothing but Net!
    • The final week of our sports for tots program will be a continuation of week five. Our starter athletes will have a chance to enhance their basketball skills from the previous week.

Question or Concerns? Please revert to Tabitha Trymbiski the Sinking Spring YMCA Program Director. Email: [email protected]

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8/4/22 9/10/22 Online / Front Desk $ 75.00$ 90.00

Available Sessions

09/10/22 - 10/15/22